A bottom-up, holistic approach.

Poverty does not exist in silos. Our funding priorities are intended to support the myriad ways organizations are addressing how poverty affects individuals, families, and communities throughout Chicago.

We have identified five interconnected impact areas where poverty is most visible and where we feel intervention can have a profound impact on one’s ability to achieve economic mobility.

Our funding priorities.


We support organizations working to increase the availability and quality of early childhood education, strengthen schools, target college transition and completion, or offer after-school programming. 

Economic Development

We support organizations that promote fair wages and equal access to job training programs to advance skill development, create job opportunities, promote asset building, or work towards economic revitalization in neighborhoods.


We support organizations that provide holistic support and increase access to transitional shelters or long-term, safe, and affordable housing opportunities.

Community Mobilization

We support organizations that are building holistic, inclusive, and community-wide opportunities that address violence through restorative justice, provide legal support, or promote parent involvement. 


We support organizations that increase availability and access to quality preventative healthcare, including mental health, or provide pathways for creating an inventory of nutritious and affordable food choices.