Getting there. 

We’ve defined ‘Investment Ready’ as an organization that exhibits strength with regards to impact, capacity, and financial health. By providing financial and intellectual capital, our approach focuses on helping our partner organizations make vertical strides on these measures. In doing so, we hope to maximize their potential to generate greater social impact and attract a wider network of support.

What investment readiness looks like.

1. Offers a high-impact program model. Outcomes generated through a distinct program model show an increase in the availability of and access to effective pathways out of poverty.

2. Demonstrates organizational health and effectiveness. Exhibits strong and dynamic leadership and culture and has efficient internal systems and communications that are aligned to program growth. 

3. Exhibits financial sustainability. A healthy financial position combined with a robust funding model, inclusive of committed and leveraged investments, and a strategy aligned to the organization’s growth plan.

4. Shows potential to scale. An intentional plan to deepen the impact of its model to reach more people; develop more comprehensive services; and lead to broader, action-oriented exchange across communities. 

Track and measure.

We capture baseline performance metrics at the onset of every partnership. This includes assessing an organization’s capacity with fundraising, leadership and governance, marketing and communications, administrative and financial management systems, community partnerships, planning and strategy, and program delivery. We track progress on mutually agreed-upon milestones that are aligned to our Investment Readiness goals through formal reporting and open communication.