Investing in Chicago’s most promising, poverty-fighting social entrepreneurs 

New Coast Foundation was created to take the guesswork out of philanthropy and to bring private sector diligence, analysis, and reporting to one of our city’s most intractable challenges - poverty. We invest sizeable, time-bound, general operating support, and capacity enrichment into emerging nonprofits bringing scalable solutions to root causes of poverty. Nonprofits must work in at least one of five impact areas: Housing, Economic Development, Education, Wellness, and Community Mobilization in Chicago.

A simple approach.


Infuse Capital
Three years of unrestricted funding


Strengthen Capacity and Self-Sufficiency
Business coaching, technical assistance, and access to influential networks


Measure & Share
Track outcomes and share what works


Through multi-year, intensive partnerships, we support and help to scale promising organizations focused on increasing possibility, choice, mobility, and, ultimately, change in the lives of individuals and communities in Chicago.

Source > vet > accelerate > exit.

We identify nonprofits that are most effective at fighting poverty in Chicago by completing in-depth diligence along our four Investment Readiness dimensions. We believe that all nonprofits should be on a path towards self-sufficiency to support their growing business models and reduce their long-term dependence on private philanthropy. 

Our investment is a three-year commitment of funding with 360-degree capacity building support and tailored technical assistance, coaching, and preparation for scale.