An infusion of support during a critical growth period. 

Through multi-year, intensive partnerships, we support promising organizations focused on increasing possibility, choice, mobility, and, ultimately, change in the lives of individuals and communities. 

A simple approach.


Infuse Capital
Three years of unrestricted funding


Strengthen Capacity
Coaching, technical assistance, and access to influential networks


Measure & Share
Track outcomes and share what works


Source > vet > accelerate > exit.

We've designed our rigorous sourcing, vetting, and investment management process to identify and nurture the organizations with the greatest potential to change lives. Beyond financial assistance, our goal is to help our partner organizations reach Investment Readiness. In addition to three years’ unrestricted funding, we facilitate 360-degree capacity support with tailored technical assistance, coaching, and access to a network of thought partners, experts, and new potential supporters.

We value transparency, accountability, and close engagement with our partners to ensure that they achieve growth and successfully extend their impact. We're also committed to sharing what we’ve learned and refining our process and model.